An Alien Ardour

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Počet stran: 90 EAN: 9788075650900
Datum vydání: 3. 10. 2016 ISBN: 978-80-7565-090-0
Formát knihy: 130x210 Vazba: Ruční švýcarská
Překladatel: Václav Z. J. Pinkava Původní název: Cizorodá vášeň

This book will take you into the world of calligraphy – the magical art form that spans writing and drawing, consciousness and dreams, it brings lore of long-lost manuscripts, mystical signs, and of the perceptions and emotions that accompany artistic writing. In today’s world, words are losing their momentousness; it is  too easy to delete them on the computer screen. But to the calligrapher, every word is significant, taking much devoted time. What is once put to paper with Indian ink cannot be altered.

An Alien Ardour is a collection of five poetic stories, taking the reader into a world of dreamy fantasy. Each tale offers a plethora of symbols and a multiplicity of meanings that the reader alone settles on, giving them definitive and distinctive form. This quincunx is linked by a common theme – script in many guises, captured and experienced anew; seen not only as something linear and unequivocal, but as a multi-sensory work of art, bringing depth and enriching our experience.

The book is exceptional by its rendition, not only in terms of content, but also materially, technically. It is partly hand-crafted, glued with wheat paste; the paper is produced by Fedrigoni, a company with four centuries of paper-making tradition.

The book features original fold-out calligraphic illustrations by Monica Dengo.

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Běžná cena: 238 Kč
Naše cena: 190 Kč
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